A Boozy Infusion

We flash freeze our ice cream right in front of you using the highest quality natural ingredients from local farms. Our recipes include a variety of handcrafted scoops, milkshakes, and specialty cocktails. If you like your ice cream boozy, we will infuse it with your choice of bourbon, brandy, rum, wine, or one of the many other liquors we carry. We also serve wine, beer, and hard liquor by the glass.

Ice Cream for Bourbon Country

Handcrafted Flavors

While You Watch

Instead of using a slow churn batch freezer, we use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze our ice cream. At -321° F, liquid nitrogen has the capability of freezing the liquor we add to our ice cream. After placing your order, you can watch us hand-craft your ice cream in minutes. Using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream on a made to order basis allow us to have the freshest ice cream you have ever tasted, without the long list of emulsifiers, stabilizers, and preservatives typically found in ice cream stored in a freezer for days or weeks before consumption. You essentially eat our ice cream straight from our flash freezing churn. Our ice cream is also noticeably smoother and creamier because the ice crystals in flash frozen ice cream are much smaller than those in ice cream from a conventional batch freezer. Last but not least, we use the highest quality natural ingredients and rely on local milk and other local suppliers whenever possible.

Flash frozen ice cream
Artisan ice cream
A new take on the old ice cream parlor

Ice Cream Lounge

How Our Lounge Started
Our History

About Us

Our owner, Bob Ehrler, comes from a dairy family. His great grandfather, Joseph Ehrler, was a Swiss dairyman who immigrated to Louisville around 1860. The family business, which came to be known as Ehrler’s Dairy, grew into the largest independent dairy in Kentucky until it was sold in the 1970’s. Bob grew up on a dairy farm and worked in his dad’s ice cream store when he wasn’t tending to the cows. He went on to become a lawyer, but never lost his appreciation for all things dairy. His wife, Wendy, tolerates it when he decides to attend goat cheese class at UK, yogurt school at Penn State, or ice cream school in New Jersey. Or when he rolls out of bed on a Sunday morning and decides to drive 250 miles to taste some artisan butter, milk, or ice cream he has just heard about. For his middle-age crisis, instead of buying a sports car, he bought a milk truck and started a milk route. The only crazier dairy thing left to do was to mix ice cream and liquor….

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Check out our boozy ice cream, spiked shakes, and ice cream cocktails.

Not sure what to order? No problem. We have suggested flavor pairings to get you started. 


How to Order

1. Select whether you would like a single scoop, double scoop*, or milkshake.

2. Select your base flavor.

3. Select your liquor (optional).

4. Select your topping(s) (optional).

*Due to the way our ice cream is freshly made, we cannot combine flavors for double scoops.


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